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Welcome you as a sponsor of IMEKO2021!

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we welcome all companies as sponsors of IMEKO2021.

Measurement is a fundamental academic discipline that forms information as formal knowledge, cultivates intellectual curiosity of human beings, promotes economic society through the creation of social value, and creates the future of human life. Also, measurement is a science and technology that forms an intelligent society supported by sensor networks, IoT, cyber physical systems and so on.

IMEKO2021 is a platform of the latest ideas, knowledge acquirement and personnel exchanges for all engineers, researchers, educators, and students in industry and academia. Your support will be a great contribution to these promotions. At the same time, your international reputation in the measurement industry will increase and also your contribution must be internationally praised.

As Sponsorships, there are "Platinum” (the highest attention), "Gold” (relatively high attention) and "Silver” (regular rank). You can also request only a product promotion (Tutorial).

Benefits for these sponsorships are as follows.

  • On-demand distribution of Corporate promotion video on the virtual conference site
  • On-demand distribution of Tutorial videos of products introduction on the virtual conference site
  • Logo on all session pages of the virtual conference site
  • Space exclusively prepared for your company introduction on the virtual conference site
  • Logo on IMEKO2021 official web site

For more information and application on sponsorship of IMEKO2021, please contact IMEKO2021 General Enquiries & Registration Desk below.

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