Special Sessions

Digital Calibration Certificates (DCC) organized by TC6

Calibration certificates are a key element of metrological services worldwide. They present the formal approval of traceability of measurements to the SI units via an unbroken chain of calibrations. The analog certificates, though, don't fit any longer into a digitized world. In this special session, recent developments and approaches towards the shift to digital calibration certificates (DCCs) are presented. The presentations address technological and conceptual challenges and solutions, introduce concrete examples and discuss open questions.
Topics: - Approaches for machine-readable DCCs
- Implementation and uptake of DCC in calibration laboratories
- Digital traceability chains based on DCCs
- Implementation and use of DCC in applications
- Interoperability and FAIR data with DCC
Organizer: TC6 - Digitarization
Inquiry: PhD. Sascha Eichstädt - Chairperson of TC6
Congress Topics: [SS1] DCC
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Quantum Metrology organized by TC25

Advances in quantum technology are changing the face of international metrology. New levels of control and manipulation of light and matter are enabling a new generation of high-precision standards – both within the laboratories of the national metrology institutes, and in the form of miniaturized, intrinsically accurate and quantum-referenced sensors. The ability to deploy precision metrology devices at the point of use creates new market opportunities and use cases with significant economic impact. This in turn leads to exciting challenges for metrology.

Presentations in this session will address innovations and advances in quantum-based metrology; the challenges they pose to the foundation of international metrology along with potential solutions; and the commercial opportunities afforded by quantum advances.
This session will include:
- An overview of the new IMEKO TC25 – Quantum Measurement and Quantum Information
- Themed presentations/panel discussions on:

The changing role of the National Metrology Institute (NMI)

How does the international metrology infrastructure need to adjust to support a future where metrology has been “democratized” and users have options for getting or generating traceable measurements without reference to measurement laboratories? How can we provide assurance of quantum sensors deployed in the field?

Advances and directions in quantum metrology

How are quantum advances influencing metrology in specific measurement fields, like mass, force, temperature, pressure, electric fields, power, etc.?

Commercial prospects & facilitating the adoption of quantum technologies

What quantum technologies are emerging in the marketplace, and what’s needed to support commercial technology development? Talks to include:

  • education and workforce development
  • examples of commercial developments
  • the role of standards
  • the role of consortia
  • the role of advanced measurement facilities and independent test and evaluation
Organizer: TC25 – Quantum Measurement and Quantum Information
Inquiry: Tim Prior - Secretary of TC25
Congress Topics: [SS2] Quantum Metrology
(This topic is listed at the bottom of list “Congress Topics” at the paper submission process on IMEKO2021 Web site.)
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